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“I was a Military Police Officer in the Army for 9 years and was deployed to Afghanistan … I was having some difficulty with PTSD from things I had to see and do.”

Kimberly DeFiori said on the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show. Kimberly is a US Army Veteran and was assigned as a Military Police Officer.

“When I was on the road and responding to critical incidents … I realized that the department hadn’t taught me how to deal with the after affects of these critical incidents and extreme stress.”

Sara Laszaic said on the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show. Sara is a former Orlando Florida Police Officer and also a current US Army Military Police Officer.

Profiles in Courage, Kimberly Defiori and Sara Laszaic talk about their experiences with traumatic stress, the aftermath and how they recovered. Their combined experience became the driving force for them to start the Badges United Foundation. The mission of the Badges United Foundation is to “enhance and improve wellness of every participant at every event and activity and to build strong communities throughout the First Responder network”.

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