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Treatment cost shouldn't prevent you or someone you love from getting help.

The First Responder Treatment Support Fund is specifically designed for First Responders seeking mental health treatment.  This fund is dedicated to help those U.S. based First Responders who are in crisis and need immediate financial assistance to access their health care.  While we would like to help all those who apply, we have limited funds and will not be able to fulfill every request.

If funded, the First Responder will be required to provide a receipt for the use of the funds to ensure the funds were used for the intended purposes. Demographical data is captured for reporting purposes to ensure we are including all demographics in the support fund.

Who is eligible? We aim to include every part of the First Responder community. We include current, former, and retired First Responders. A First Responder may include but is not limited to: Law Enforcement (Local, State, and Federal), Fire Fighters (Career/Paid and Volunteer), Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic, Emergency Dispatchers/9-1-1 Call Takers, Corrections Officers, and Game Wardens/Animal Protection Police. At this time, we only accept application from First Responders assigned to the United States and its territories. 

Funding Request Examples

Inpatient mental health care deductibles

Intensive outpatient mental health costs and/or deductibles

Selection Process

Once an application is received, a committee selected by the Badges United Foundation team reviews for eligibility and grant amount. Each application will be contacted within 48 hours.

Application Instructions

Complete and submit the application below. If anything is left blank, please include an explanation in the last box. If you need to check the status of your application, click here to email us.

Treatment Support Fund Application