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Invite Badges United Foundation into Your Organization!

Badges United Foundation is dedicated to helping our First Responders in any way possible. 

Our speaking engagements are specifically focused to help First Responders understand mental health treatment options, what it’s like to go to therapy, and how to build healthy habits. We understand the struggle and continue to find ways to positively impact our First Responders’ lives. 

By sharing our own personal struggles with self-care and mental health as First Responders, we aim to connect with those who may not know where to turn. Our continued goal is to raise awareness of the populations that are at risk to develop PTSD, explain current issues, and guide First Responders to available resources.

Whether it’s for an organization, or a specific team, Badges United wants to share with you.

We speak to: 

  • Police Departments 
  • Fire Departments
  • Corporations
  • Universities
  • Non-Profit Organizations

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