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Our mission is to improve the mental health and well-being of First Responders and their Significant Others.

Our goal is to reduce the epidemic of First Responder suicides and foster an environment where seeking mental health treatment is seen as a strength. 


 In this Family, we fight together!

We Provide

Financial assistance for mental health care,
Virtual support events focused on mental health & wellness, and Speaking engagements.

We Support

Our services are offered to former, current, or retired Law Enforcement/Corrections Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, 911 Dispatches, AND their significant others.

Our Goal

We want to help reduce the growing epidemic of First Responder suicides. If a First Responder is in crisis and needs mental health treatment, we don't want costly insurance deductibles to discourage them from getting help. With our Treatment Support Fund, we help overcome this hurdle and other associated costs getting to treatment.

Financial Medical Assistance

If you need immediate financial assistance for your insurance deductible, click here to submit an application.

How Can We Help?

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Join our support group that gives First Responders a space to connect and share with fellow First Responders.

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We provide realistic views of how mental health and wellness can deteriorate after encountering critical incidents and how treatment can relieve the severity of post traumatic stress symptoms .

March 2020 amid a crisis….
In March of 2020, everyone’s lives seemed to change in one way or another as the deadly pandemic started to spread throughout America. More businesses and restaurants started to close, which limited food sources for the frontline First Responders.
We knew we had to find a way to support the wellness of our First Responders through COVID-19. As they continued to work on the frontline, it brought on immense stress to both the First Responder and their loved ones.  We wanted to give the First Responders a proven morale-boosting formula…a hot meal.
On March 27th, 2020, Badges United Foundation partnered with Ms. Jo’s Petite Sweets Catering and delivered 185 hot meals to five different Virginia police departments in Arlington and Fairfax counties.
In this Family, we fight together!

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